PEAD coating

VIRGIN high density polyethylene coating. Greater durability, safety and practicality, suitable for equipment that has problems with the aggregation of materials, such as TIPPERS, SILOS and CHANNELS.

Why buy the Transforme Blanket

Advantages for you...

Impact protection

Easy installation and security

Increase in productivity and profits

Sliding and non-stick

100% avoids scraping

Avoid material loss

Impact protection

Easy installation and security

Impact protection

Deslizante e Antiaderente

Evita 100% a raspagem

Avoid the loss
of material

The solution you are looking for!

We manufacture your coating to measure and according to your need.
It prevents premature wear of your equipment and increases productivity, it has exceptional strength and abrasiveness, allowing for a fast and continuous load flow.

PEAD material specifications

Eliminate the problem of debris sticking to your bucket Save time and money